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, Karaim or Qaraim root word is; “kara,” which means; “reader,” or “call.” The Muslim Kara-n (Koran, Qaran or Quran), means “The Reading” or the “Book of the Qaraims”. All Muslims are Karaites (Qaraims) and are readers of the Karan (Koran).

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The History of Karaites and Karaism

According to the leading Karaite authority, that internationally speaks for the Karaite community, regularly states; “Jesus was a Karaite.”

Karaites are followers of Jesus, The Anti God, The Anarchists, the first Muslim, whom lead Jihad against all Jews.

The First Commandment is; “I Am YHVH ALHYM,’ who brought you out of Egypt.” Thus we are commanded “not” to go to Egypt, “not” to become a Pharisee (Priest) of the Egyptian gods, and “not” to be a Ra, “Ra”bbi a protector of the Pharaoh.

But as Jesus who went to Egypt (which is forbidden by the First Commandment, the Torah and the prophets), “The Karaite Mo‘e?et Ha?akhamim,” the Karaite Council of Sages, in Israel, is lead by Egyptian Karaites, who are ultraliberals that are religiously tolerant of the gay and homosexual lifestyle. The Karaite Council of Sages also permit the use of the Talmuds, the “oral traditions,” which originated from the serpent of the Garden of Eden.

Furthermore; Karaite use “Ra”bbi for their leaders, as the Pharisees. Thought the First Commandment commands us “not” to be a Ra, “Ra”bbi a protector of the Pharaoh.



The founder of Islam and author of the Muslim Kara-n (Koran/ Quran) was Muhammad ibn Abdullah. The original Karaites (Qaraims) were Muslim and used the Karan (Koran), Injil/ Tehudah (The original New Testaments), Torwah (Post Temple verbiage).

For the last 22 years of Muhammad’s life, beginning at age 40 in 610 CE, Muhammad started receiving revelations that he believed to be from God. The content of these revelations, known as the Karan (Qur'an), was memorized and recorded by his companions.

The formal beginning of the Muslim era was chosen to be the Hijra in 622 CE, which was an important turning point in Muhammad's fortunes. The assignment of this year as the year 1 AH (Anno Hegirae) in the Islamic calendar was reportedly made by Caliph Umar. It is a lunar calendar with days lasting from sunset to sunset. Islamic holy days fall on fixed dates of the lunar calendar, which means that they occur in different seasons in different years in the Gregorian Calendar. The most important Islamic festivals are Eid al Fitr on the 1st of Shawwal, marking the end of the fasting month Ramadan, and Sid al Adha on the 10th of Dhu al Haijah, coinciding with the pilgrimage to Mecca.


Golden Age of Islam and Karaism (750–1258)

The Great Mosque of Kairouan, established in 670 in Kairouan, Tunisia, represents one of the best architectural examples of Islamic civilization. Under the Abbasids, Islamic civilization flourished in the " Islamic Golden Age", with its capital at the cosmopolitan city of Bagdad.


Islamic Minor denominations;

The original Karaites (Quranists) were Muslims who generally reject the Hadith and/or the Sunnah. The Berghouata were a late first millennium Berber sect who followed a syncretic religion inspired by Islam (perhaps influenced by Judaism with elements of Sunni, Shia and Khariihe Islam, mixed with astrological and heathen traditions. It is believed that Salih Ibn Tarif was a Jew born in the Iberian Peninsula.


Jewish Karaites

Annan ben David’s and Salih Ibn Tarif’s karans were the foundation of the Jewish Karaite movement.


Jewishness of “Karaites”;

1) “Karaite” or “Qaraim” is not in the Tanakh.

2) Karaites are not a tribal group of the sons of Abraham, Isaac or Israel.

3) Karaites are a post Tanakh, and a post Temple movement.

“Jewish” Karaites originated in Iraq, in the 9th century, as a Muslim splinter movement from out of Islam, and their karans, and siddurs are not historically documented as a Jewish movement until the 9th century. Which later branched out to Egypt, Europe, Africa and Russia. And because of geographical, kingdoms and language barriers, Jewish Karaites karans, traditions and customs varied greatly. Thus the study of modern 9th and 10th century Karaites and Karaism can be very conflicting and confusing.

Thought there are some recent new claims that “Karaite” or “Karaism” existed as a Jewish movement prior to the 9th century, there are no historical documents that support Karaite or Karaism as a Jewish movement in the 1st to 8th century. These suppose Jewish Karaites tend to attach themselves to any Jew who observed the Torah as the Masoretes, who were not Karaites (the Karaite sect did not exist in the second century), the Masoretes was a Rabbinical movement, similar to the Masorti/ Conservative Jews of Russia.

4) Karaites are not messianic, nor Divine from God, that the Karaites did not rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, nor did they unite Israel etc…


Jewish Movements;

In the first century there were only three Jewish movements, 1) Sadducees, 2) Pharisees, 3) and Essenes, 4) the Samaritans were not Jewish:

1) Sadducees (Zadokim); Sadducees “literally” interpreted the Torah, as an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth etc… but Karaites only use the plain meaning, yet are Pharisaical in regarding the enforcement of the Torah. Furthermore, Karaites believes in “angels and an afterlife” as their Samaritan/ Muslim counterparts. Concluding; the Karaites are not the descendants of the Sadducees.

2) Pharisees (Rabbis); many Karaites opposed Rabbinic Judaism, but were vindictive of branching off from Rabbinic Judaism, and Karaite halakha included varying amounts of Rabbinic dogma as believing in angels and a afterlife as the Pharisees etc…

3) Essenes; no Karaites made claims to be descended from the Essenes.

4) Samaritans (Islam) has never been a Jewish/ Judean sect. Yet the strongest influence on Karaites and Karaism is Islamic (Samaritan). Many Karaites were vindictive of branching off from Islam, yet Karaite halakha included varying amounts of Islamic dogma (Kalaam), as believing in Isa (Yesa or Jesus) a Samaritan prophet. In the East many Karaites were Muslims, and in the West Crimean Karaites were practicing Christians, and claimed not to be ethnically Jewish.

5) Karaites use non biblical titles and terms that are Islamic in origin.


Karaites and Karaism has always been a blend of Islamic (Samaritan) and Rabbinical religious dogma. So, Karaites and Karaism was whatever they want it to be; Islamic, Rabbinical, Samaritan, or anti Islamic, Rabbinical, Samaritan etc…

Today, Karaites are a very small splinter Islamic sect, and perhaps an even smaller Jewish sect which has been perishing because of lack of national unity, theological continuity or religious cohesion. In other words;

“No one wants to be a Karaite.”

There is no one Karaite organization that represents all Karaites even though each Karaite organization claims to be the “original” or the “official” Karaites.


Jewish Karaite Deceptions

From 1956, especially in the past two decades there are new Karaite organizations that claim to be “Jewish Karaites?” They are Muslims evangelizing Jews and Christians into their splinter Muslim group; as Shia-Sufi (Jews for Allah). Even though many of these Karaite sites claim not to be Muslim nor Christian, Karaites and Karaism is a Muslim faith. Don’t be deceived into their splinter Muslim faith. Muslims uses Karaite and Karaism as the first step to convert Jews and Christians into Islam.

These new “Jewish Karaites” claim to use the Tanakh only, but they quickly introduce their new converts to 9th and 10th century Muslim doctrine and Siddurs. Then they begin to encourage the study of the Talmuds as “Yoke of Inheritance” (to fool their converts into thinking they are linked to a Jewish organization), then Injil/ Tehudah, then Quran, and before they know it, they have been tricked into being a Muslim.

If the Karaite leaders uses Muslim titles Hakham, Muslim terminology and dress like Muslims, it is because they are Muslims. Have you ever heard or read of a Karaite that criticizes the Koran? It is because the Koran is the foundation of their faith. Go to you library and check out a Koran, and read it, all Muslims have vowed to kill all “Jews and Christians.”

It is a historical fact that; Karaites do not except converts! But these new “Jewish Karaites” claim to except converts? If you convert to Karaite or Karaism you are a; “Muslim!” A Islamic religion based on hatred and Jihad.

And the Israeli government and the Jewish population in Israel, do not consider Karaites as being Jewish. Don’t be naïve; Karaites are Muslims. And if you aliyah to Israel as a Karaite you may one day find yourself in the Gaza Strip with your fellow Muslims as a Jihadist.

As with other Islamic splinter groups, there are a lot of lies and deceptions. And if you are not Aramaic nor understand their culture and ideologies, you can and will be easy deceived. Stick to what you are familiar with and understand, or you will be deceived into joining a splinter Muslim sect.

Beware of any Aramaic organization or group that claims to use the Tanakh only, then tries to teach Muslim 9th and 10th century writings and theology. If you are not Aramaic, stay away from anything Muslim.

The numbers of Karaites in Israel and worldwide are greatly exaggerated. The small recent Karaite activity is due to the world wide web. There are about ten Muslim Karaites, with “many aliases” that do most “all” of the activity on the Karaite websites and Karaite groups and chats. Just beware, they are masters of deception.

Do not turn to a foreign religion that you know little of, where you will be easily deceived. You do not need Muslims Karaites sect’s 9th and 10th century Karans, theology, doctrines or Siddurs. You are better off by starting your own organizations and just use the Tanakh. The Tanakh has everything you need to obey The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as a Jew or a Noahide. Then learn Hebrew, and study the Tanakh in Hebrew. Then trust God, and He will lead you on the path of righteous.


* Note; Malkut Yehudah at; http://www.yhvh.org is “not” a Karaite movement, they are a Judean/ Sadducean movement, based on the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their Judeans reject all post Temple era writings as the Talmuds, Roman New Testaments, Tehudah, Muslim Quran and Karaite Karans.